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Doctor and Patient Eye Exam

Our Care is Eye Care in the Dallas Area

With 10 locations in the Dallas Metro & surrounding areas, we have to be doing something right!

With vision care as our primary focus, it is our goal to help as many of our patients get back to a new better “normal” without any vision-related daily struggles. We want you to see more clearly—clearly! Healthy vision is at the heart of you and your child’s success.

We offer 10 locations in the Dallas area, which pretty much means you can find us everywhere. And as an independent provider you can also Shop Local!!

We are now accepting new patients at all of our practices. Our offices can be found in Dallas, Plano, West Plano, Lewisville, Denton, Highland Village, and McKinney. We look forward to seeing you! Request your appointment now!

Many Dallas Locations to Serve You


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Myopia Management

Myopia (nearsighteness) is on the rise and though it cannot be reversed or cured it can be treated. We work to improve your child's vision and prevent it from getting worse. This is important for protecting their eye health in the future.

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Dry, Itchy and Scratchy Eyes?

Or are your tears crusting up? Are you experiencing eye redness and inflammation? You likely have dry eye syndrome. We offer effective and lasting treatments to help reduce or alleviate these chronic and debilitating symptoms.

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Comprehensive & Contact Lens Eye Exams

Not all exams are the same. For Example , have you been told that you cannot wear contact lenses because of an irregular cornea or other problems? Scleral lenses may be just what you need for your irregular shaped eyes!

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Focused on Family

Switalski Eye Care covers all your and your family's eye care needs by providing the most advanced, accessible treatments and services possible. Our goal is not only to correct any vision problems you may have but to help prevent future ones from arising.

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Focused on you—Our
patients say it best!

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Empowering our patients with good information is our mantra—So please, call us If you can’t find what you need.

What Does Lack of Sleep Do to Your Eyes?

While we all know that we should get a good-night’s rest, you may not know how important it is for your eye health! Read on to find out how you can take the proper steps to keep your eyes healthy.

Is It Okay To Wear Expired Contact Lenses?

Did you know that contact lenses can expire? Well, they can. Wearing contacts past their expiration date - or longer than their prescribed time - can harm your vision. To schedule a contact lens exam, call Switalski Eye Care in Plano today.