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7 Tips for an Easy LASIK Recovery

If you’re considering laser vision correction, you’re probably wondering about LASIK recovery. While some degree of discomfort after LASIK is normal, it’s usually mild and manageable. Most patients report feelings of soreness, not full-fledged pain. Uncomfortable symptoms are usually short-lived, changing to mild irritation as healing progresses. Our Lewisville eye doctor shares some helpful tips to promote a smooth, easy recovery.

7 LASIK Recovery Tips

  1. Rest: To promote optimal healing, our Lewisville optometrist recommends taking it easy for the first day or two after surgery. Avoid reading, using the computer or mobile device, watching TV or anything that could strain your eyes. It’s also best to avoid vigorous physical activity; take a break from sports and exercise.
  2. Take Pain Relievers: Taking pain relievers as directed will help minimize discomfort as soon as it appears. Generally, it’s not necessary to take large doses because the symptoms tend to be mild.
  3. Shield Your Eyes: You will be given protective goggles to wear to prevent you from accidentally rubbing your eyes or allowing anything to come into contact with your eye. Generally, eye shields are worn all day for the first day, and then only nightly for the next several days.
  4. Keep Your Eyes Clean: Even after you’ve been instructed you can remove the eye shield, don’t touch or rub your eyes. Also, don’t apply eye makeup, and avoid spreading lotions and creams around your eyes. Take baths instead of showers, to prevent water from dripping into your eyes.
  5. Use Eye Drops: Dry eye attacks are normal as your eyes heal from LASIK. Carry artificial tears lubricating eye drops with you at all times, so you’re always ready to soothe any sudden irritation or itchiness.
  6. Wear Sun Protection: When outdoors, put on sunglasses and a sun hat; your eyes will be hypersensitive to light for the first few days after LASIK surgery.
  7. Follow-up Eye Care: Make sure to keep your follow-up eye exams at our Lewisville eye clinic. Checkups are important for monitoring your progress.

At Switalski Eye Care, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 972-424-2019 or book an appointment online to see one of our Plano eye doctors.

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Can Lasik Correct Astigmatism?

The “perfect” eyeball would be a smooth sphere with optical lenses that function at their best. But in the real world, this rarely happens. Usually, eyes are not shaped perfectly and visual acuity is therefore compromised. When you have astigmatism, the eye is elliptical – similar to a football shape. As a result of this asymmetry, light rays traveling through it scatter, and vision is blurred.

Astigmatism is a common vision condition. By definition, it is simply a refractive error like nearsightedness and farsightedness. Just like those vision conditions, astigmatism can be corrected with prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses and LASIK. At our eye care clinic, we perform comprehensive eye exams to determine your candidacy for laser surgery. Book a consultation with our optometrist about LASIK.

How can LASIK help?

If you have only a mild astigmatism, laser correction surgery may not be required. But if astigmatism is disturbing your vision, LASIK can be an option.

During this procedure, your eye surgeon will use a laser to reshape your cornea so it is more spherical and can focus light properly. LASIK thereby improves vision across your entire visual field, and not just the part of your view affected by prescription eyewear.

How successful is LASIK for correcting astigmatism?

LASIK for astigmatism can be an excellent solution when compared to alternatives, such as glasses or contact lenses. That’s because eyeglasses and contacts work by cancelling out the visual distortion, whereas LASIK totally changes and corrects the irregularity in your cornea. For many people, the procedure is transformative to their lives.

The success rate of LASIK for astigmatism is associated strongly with the vision prescription of the patient and the unique shape of the eye. Official reports state that LASIK is most suitable for people with a prescription of up to four cylinders of astigmatism. Also, if you only have a tiny amount of astigmatism, such as 0.5 diopter, LASIK may not provide a significant benefit. Therefore, the success rate of LASIK for astigmatism varies, which is why you need an experienced eye doctor to assess your eyes and vision to determine your candidacy.

Our LASIK optometrists offer specialized consultations and eye exams.

Is LASIK affordable?

Even if you have an extreme vision prescription, LASIK is still regarded as an elective treatment by most insurance policies, so it isn’t covered by their basic plans. However, significant savings are frequently offered by various insurance plans. Our staff is knowledgeable about ways to make LASIK affordable, and we’re happy to share the info!

To discuss LASIK and other vision correction procedures, contact us for an appointment.

At Switalski Eye Care, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 972-424-2019 or book an appointment online to see one of our Plano eye doctors.

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